Pathway Mentor

is Texas’ Premier Commercial Real Estate Investment Coaching solution that guides each of their clients up a successful path to financial goals.


In many journeys in life,

everyone is faced with that proverbial fork in the path that forces a decision of which direction is best. Pathway Mentor turns that decision around into a clear direction to achievable goals in commercial real estate investment.

A sound financial resource using Robert Martin’s Hybrid Commercial Real Estate Investing™ Methods

Multiple techniques to form an extremely lean and profitable end result.

New notes purchased from sellers, buyers, and investors at closing.

Paying top dollar for existing notes on all kinds of properties (commercial, multifamily, and SFR residential).

1-3 day transactional funding and flash funding.

Vision Clarity

Guidance in business and the necessary mindset to achieve results.

Continuous evaluation of conditions and influences in personal and professional development.

Direction and necessary steps to convert concepts to actions.

Our investment style provides a exciting and fast paced investment environment

that enables each of our clients to earn the experience needed to see for themselves the opportunity for success within the real estate investment journey. Our industry expertise combined in a client education driven environment leads to many people gaining self-confidence and motivation to succeed beyond what they expected possible in commercial real estate investing.

Exclusive interactive guidance from industry leading experts that have a unique gift of taking their personal successes, and created a coaching solution that provides everything you need to journey toward success within the commercial real estate investment market.

You can expect a high impact, informational session. No high pressure or need to feel obligated. We are confident that like most, your desire to succeed will guide you to the right decision on your own.

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"I’ve enjoyed learning real estate from Robert. I've been using the methods he taught me about creating 1st lien Notes backed by local real estate in order to make double digit return in my IRA."

—John B

"I'd been having a problem with a tenant that left their stuff with me for several months. I'd been stressed out knowing if I took the wrong steps they may try to make things difficult for me as things were kind of tense when they left. I reached out to Robert through Rozann, and by the next day I had an answer on what I could do to escape my difficult situation."

—David Tidwell

"I’ve been able to buy a property every year since I learned Robert’s methods of buying property without credit and using private money. I could buy more, but I have been working full time and going to college. I'm only interested in owning property within a mile of the first house I bought 5 years ago, which is where I live."

—Belinda Diaz